The First Award for Actual Carbon Footprint

Sets a new benchmark for the Hong Kong F&B sector

This is a groundbreaking initiative that
revolutionises the recognition of environmentally responsible dining establishments. This prestigious accolade sets a new benchmark for the Hong Kong food and beverage (F&B) sector by incorporating actual audited carbon emissions.

The awards inspire positive change

For the first time ever, the award evaluates not only culinary excellence but also each restaurant’s carbon footprint, ensuring transparency and accountability. By promoting sustainable practices, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing, the award inspires positive change.

Establishes industry-wide carbon emission standards

With a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change, the award establishes industry-wide carbon emission standards. It celebrates restaurants that prioritize environmental stewardship, encouraging a greener and more sustainable F&B sector in Hong Kong.

Shape a sustainable future for dining in Hong Kong

Join us on this transformative journey to shape a sustainable future for dining in Hong Kong.
The award sets a powerful precedent, driving innovation and exemplifying the potential for environmental responsibility in the culinary industry.

Increase media coverage in the green aspect

Gain recognition as a sustainable leader in F&B sector

Enrich your sustainability actions and reports

Registration Now Open !

Registration is now open until September 2024! Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Additionally, a grand Award Ceremony will be held at ECO Expo Asia on Nov 1, 2024.

Entry Procedure

Submit application (now until the Sep 2024)

Registration is now open. After submitting the registration form, we will contact you to arrange payment of the entry fee.

    • Restaurant with ≤ 4 outlets    HKD28,000
    • Restaurant with ≥ 5 outlets    HKD48,000

Submit carbon data for award (Sep 2024)

After successfully participating in the competition, restaurants need to submit carbon emission data from January to December 2023 through the TT Green® Lite platform. The Awards Framework includes six attributes.

Audit by BSI (Oct 2024)

After successfully submitting the data, TT Green will calculate and produce a carbon emissions report based on Evaluation Criteria. The report will be submitted to BSI for on-site inspection and auditing to ensure everything is accurate. The verified report will also be returned to the restaurant.

Award ceremony (1 Nov 2024)

An award ceremony will be held at ECO Expo Asia 2024 for the following awards

    • Sustainable Restaurant of the Year
    • Sustainable Restaurant – Low Carbon Award
    • Landscaping
    • Kitchen
    • Recycling
    • Waste Reduction
    • Food Waste Diversion
    • Food Waste Reduction
    • Heating, Cooling, Ventilation
    • Water Heating
    • Lighting
    • On-site Electricity Production
    • Renewable Energy
    • Local Food
    • Vegan and Vegetarian Menu Options
    • Sustainable Seafood
    • Sustainable Food & Beverage
    • Procurement Transportation
    • Distribution Transportation
Reusables and Disposables
    • Limiting Disposable Waste
    • Disposables and Reusable Alternatives
    • Compostable Disposables in a Close Loop Waste Stream

These evaluation criteria prioritise fairness and acknowledge the varying sizes and operations of restaurants. The focus is on recognising the restaurant with the low carbon emissions overall, as well as commendable efforts in reducing environmental impact relative to their individual circumstances.



Carbon emissions will be evaluated to determine eligibility, taking into account the varying sizes and operations of participating restaurants.


Sustainable Restaurant of the Year

This prestigious award will be granted to the restaurant with the lowest audited carbon emissions among all contestants, considering their respective sizes and operations.


Sustainable Restaurant - Low Carbon Award

Restaurants whose final audited carbon emissions fall below the calculated average/mean will be recognized for their outstanding efforts in reducing their environmental footprint, considering the unique characteristics of each establishment.

Contestants’ Benefits: 


Enjoy All Exclusive Free Rewards

Benefit 1

Promote on ZERO2 App

  • Free to join ZERO2 as green merchant partner with promotion on ZERO2
  • Waived coupons listing fee until program ends
  • 100,000+ registered users
  • Interactive events & functions with restaurant customers and ZERO2 app users

Benefit 2

Be TT Green® Lite member

  • Free one-year subscription
  • One-stop carbon management and reporting platform

Benefit 3

Get table at Eco Expo 2024

  • Limited offer, first-come-first served
  • A market area on Eco Expo 2024 Green Mart public day (2 Nov)
  • Promote and sell products to public visitors

Contestants List

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

天天 Express

Here Thai market 

Sushi Masa

Four Seasons Fun Fong

Ser Wong Fun

TTGreen Cloud Kitchen

TTGreen Cloud Kitchen (大昌行outlet)

HKR International Limited

Forum Restaurant


Tsui Wah Group

Nuk Cafe Hong Kong

La Brasserie

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