BUY & SELL Carbon Credit.
Offset Carbon Footprint.

What is Carbon Credit?

Carbon Credit is a tradeable certificate that is equivalent to the removal or avoidance of 1 tonne of carbon or greenhouse gas.

As a Buyer

  • Enterprise can offset their carbon emissions and reduce their overall carbon footprint to achieve sustainability goals
  • Achieve carbon neutrality

As a Seller

  • Carbon credits can be earned by reducing an operation’s carbon footprint. These credits can be traded or sold to others for a profit

As an Investor

  • Create positive environmental impact through investing in carbon credit projects
  • Develop a more diversified investment portfolio and unlock growth potential

Access to Global Carbon Credit Projects

Start your trade with TT GREEN® in 5 steps

01 Register & Verify

  • Register TT GREEN® account with corporate legal entity
  • “Know Your Customer” Process
  • Activate trade account

02 Choose Your Project

  • Available Projects Overview

03 Submit Purchase Request

  • Submit purchase request with required information
  • Price Confirmation from TT GREEN® agent

04 Trade

  • Deposit money to TT GREEN® wallet and execute trade
  • Trade confirmation

05 Offset/Future Use

  • [Carbon Offset] Get a carbon retirement certificate from carbon credit standard organizations OR
  • [Future Use] Keep the carbon credits in the wallet for future use

A single gateway to global marketplaces

International Carbon Marketplaces

We help enterprises to connect with international voluntary carbon marketplaces such as Core Climate at Hong Kong and Climate Impact X at Singapore to access international carbon credit projects. 

What is Voluntary Carbon Marketplace (VCM)? 

Verified & Trusted Carbon Credit Projects

TT GREEN® marketplace provide carbon credit from verified carbon standard program from international certified green organization such as Verra, Gold Standard, Universal Carbon Registry, and UNFCCC(more to come)

TT GREEN® is the official trader of CORE Climate and Climate Impact X



Our membership program

Access to Global Carbon Credit Projects

Our TT GREEN® Carbon Membership includes:

* Additional fee apply.

HKD $800 / Year

The Carbon Credit trade platform on TT GREEN® displays market information of Core Climate (Hong Kong) and Climate Impact X (Singapore), which includes available Carbon Projects, price of Carbon Credits, and quantity of available Carbon Credits. Authorized TT GREEN® traders can buy and sell Carbon Credits directly on the TT GREEN® portal, or by email or written inquiry.

The most common Carbon Projects in the marketplace are Nature-based, which includes reforestation, land restoration, forest protection, sustainable land management and agriculture, and Renewable Energy, which includes hydropower projects, wind projects, solar power and geothermal.

TT GREEN® provides Verra and Gold Standard as Carbon Credit Standards, Universal Carbon Registry, and UNFCCC(more to come).

TT GREEN® only supports trading of Carbon Credits from market exchange platforms. Carbon Credits available on these platforms must have undergone whitelisting and Know Your Customer processes conducted by respective platforms to ensure authenticity and quality.

Only corporate legal entities with a valid Business Registration Certificate are eligible to participate in Carbon Credit trade on TT GREEN®.

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