TT Green and TT Chain Use Cases

Smart Farming HK Aquaponics System
Carbon Neutral Label for Recycled Sunglasses
Genesis Mongolian Cashmere
100% traceable Canadian Beef
Social Enterprise: Tea Bags

Smart Farming HK Aquaponics System

Hong Kong’s First Food Waste Recycle And Aquaponics System In Smart Farming

Recycle of wastes and food traceability are the hottest topics in recent years. Smart Farming has contributed to the above global concerns by building the first Green + Smart Farming Ecosystem in Hong Kong by adopting TT Chain’s and TT Green’s technology.

Food Waste recycle to fish feed

Research shows that 3,500 tonnes of food waste is disposed of in Hong Kong landfills every day. To mitigate the solution, Smart Farming has developed a technology that could turn food waste into fish feed and supply to their local firms. The recycled fish feeds contain 5 times more nutrients than the traditional fish feed and cause less pollution to the water. TT Chain captures the data from smart farming and TT Green calculates the carbon emission in real-time, ensuring the food waste recycle process is low-carbon and sustainable.

Accredited Fish Farm Scheme

With the help of IoT devices and TT-Chain platform, the operation data of the Fish Farm are auto-collected and stored on immutable blockchain system with full transparency to related parties. Sensors and cameras are used to ensure the water quality and underwater environment is up to the Accredited Fish Farm standard. Other data like fish feed quality, fish origins, age etc. will also be visible to end buyers.
1. Food waste
2. Recycle Process
3. Fish Feed
4. Feed fish in Smart Farming
5. Real-time tank data collected
6. Fish selling with QR code

Carbon Neutral Label for Recycled Sunglasses

BD8, A HK-based Plastic Recycling Company

BD8 is a young and talented group and engineers with groundbreaking ideas and solutions to recycle plastic. They provide smart solutions for companies of all sizes and pride themselves on their unparalleled, dedicated service. The plastic recycled products include but are not limited to fashionable products (e.g. lenses and glasses), packaging products, and personal protective products (e.g. masks). 

Achieving Carbon Neutral on TT Green

With the help of TT Green’s ESG ecosystem, DB8 seamlessly completed the whole journey of obtaining carbon-neutral labels on one single platform, TT Green. First, BD8 defines its boundaries (Scope 1,2,3) on TT Green and calculates the carbon emission with TT Green’s Global Carbon Footprint Calculator. After that, TT Green purchased suitable carbon credits for BD8 and offset their unavoidable carbon emission. The Carbon Neutral Label Certifier, who is also an official partner of TT Green, then leverages the trusted ESG data on TT Green to go through the assessment procedures and issue the Carbon Neutral Label to BD8.

Genesis Mongolian Cashmere

Applying TT Chain in apparel industry

Our system will ensure all our approved products are sustainable and ethically sourced through some form of proof (such as a video of sheering the cashmere goat). With high traceability provided by TT Chain’s blockchain technology, this will ensure validation and certification of the product to the consumers.

TT Chain in the Apparel Industry – Mongolian Cashmere

1. Farmer:

Inputs data including the origin, and video of shearing. This counts as a new ‘lot’ added to the system and verification code is produced.

2. Inspector:

Use farmers code to verify information and the update wool lot in the system to add certification. Unique ID is generated and attached to the shipment.

3. Yarn manufacturers:

Use the ID to retrieve and verify lot details. After processing and the addition of any further needed data, the system will generate a new ID to be applied to the resulting packages.

4. Garment manufacturer:

Receiver scans the ID to retrieve and verify package details and then updates the system to reflect of the package has arrived as expected. When completed, the system creates a new ID to be applied to the resulting products.

100% traceable Canadian Beef

Beef industry

In order to ensure our certified beef products are sourced ethically and sustainably, TT Chain has partnered with TrustBIX, an organization that provides chain of custody to support the supply of 100% traceable beef in Canada. Its renowned system is also known for curating the Beef InfoXchange system for McDonald’s first verified sustainable beef pilot program in Canada. With the collaboration between the two companies, this will ensure our certified products will be represented fairly to consumers.

TT Chain in the Food Industry – Beef in conjunction with TrustBIX

1. Farmer and Vet:
Record the details of the cow, (date of birth, origin, dietary plan, Quality assurance certification of the farmer and overall health of the cow). Cow is tagged with RFID chip to prove that it is free range.
2. Abattoir and packaging:

The cow will then be packaged accordingly and a new code will be added to the product.

3. Distributer:

The distributer will then use the appropriate transportation to ship its products.

4. Retailer:

The retailer will add additional information such as recipes and wine suggestions. 

5. Store:

Has full transparency on the delivery time and able to adapt accordingly. Can alter promotions and orders.

6. Consumer:

Consumers can simply scan a QR code attached on the packaging on the beef product. From there, the consumer can then understand the origin, overall health of the cow and many more in order empower informed decision making for consumers.

Social Enterprise: Tea Bags

Social Enterprise: Tea Bags

As a social enterprise, Demeter has been working with Cambodia local schools to promote “School Herbal Garden Programme”. Follow the fair-trade principle to support the local schools and the students, it seeks to move towards a secure income, self-sufficiency and ownership. Demeter uses TT Chain’s platform to record and authenticate every raw-materials are from the community – the farms, the schools and productions.
The program aims to achieve 3 goals:
  • Provide environmental education opportunities (Clean & Green the School)
  • Provide learning opportunities about cultural knowledge (Traditional Herbal Medicine)
  • Support school operation (Supplemental income by growing herbal plants)

    With TT Chain’s platform the final consumer would be able to trace all the production stages and knowing who they are really helping when they made a purchase, where they are taking a part in this wonderful programme with about 4,000 Cambodian partners and students.



“SUSU” means “cheer up” and “SALA” means “school” in Khmer, the Cambodian language! SALASUSU is a Japanese social enterprise based in Cambodia for over 10 years and dedicated to improving the lives of young Cambodians. SALASUSU aims to empower young people to gain the life skills they need through training or ethical manufacturing, pacing the way for a bright future. In 2020, SALASUSU had chosen TT Chain as its partner and putting the whole production process of its products on the platform to showcases its story behind.

By scanning the QR code on SALASUSU’s product, consumer will be able to trace all the information and history of the products, and most importantly – who is making your product. Photos of the worker will be shown and customer can tell who is doing what – from cutting, sewing and packaging.

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