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Carbon Neutral Label

A carbon neutral label is a certification or designation that signifies a company has achieved carbon neutrality or has offset its carbon emissions to a neutral level – in either company or green project/product levels. The diagram below showcases how carbon-neutral labels can benefit businesses

by emphasizing the positive impact of attaining carbon neutrality on market share and consumer appeal:

Competitive Advantage

Carbon neutral drives customer preference

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Enhanced Brand Reputation

Differentiate, attract, and retain eco-conscious customers

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Preferred Supplier Status

Proven as an eco-friendly supplier

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Cost Savings & Operational Efficiency

Sustainability boosts long-term cost

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Regulatory Compliance

Fulfil EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

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Establish Your Sustainable Reputation with Carbon Neutral Labels

Preferred Supplier Status

Customers who prioritize sustainability may prefer to engage with suppliers that align with their values and have a lower environmental impact. Obtaining a carbon neutral label can position a company as a preferred supplier and increase its chances of securing contracts or partnerships. 

Regulatory Compliance

The EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) Regulation implies that companies exporting products to the EU market will face potential financial implications based on the carbon content associated with the production of their goods. (see more on EU CAM article)  


Unlock the Competitive Edge with Carbon Neutrality Labels!

Competitive Advantage

When sustainability practices become a key factor in consumer decision-making, a company’s carbon-neutral status can be a powerful differentiating factor that drives customer preference

Enhanced Brand Reputation

A company can differentiate itself from competitors and attract eco-conscious customers, leading to increased brand loyalty and market share

Cost Savings & Operational Efficiency

By implementing sustainable practices and optimizing operations, companies can achieve cost savings in the long run…


Unlock the Competitive Edge with Carbon Neutrality Labels!


Track and reduce your carbon footprint with TT GREEN.

Utilize our platform for recording carbon emissions data and related documents. By using our platform, you will be able to visually analyze and plan zero-carbon strategies based on your recorded data. Additionally, this data can be automatically included in your ESG report to provide quantifiable disclosure.


Track and reduce your carbon footprint with TT GREEN.

Effortlessly offset your carbon emissions on our platform. Our dedicated section allows you to trade carbon credits with over 500 projects available across marketplaces like CORE Climate, CIX, and CTX. With a wide range of options to choose from, you can conveniently offset your emissions in one place. Let us simplify your carbon offsetting journey.


Achieve Carbon Neutrality and impress with your ESG disclosure.

Easily achieve Carbon Neutrality with our all-inclusive platform. Seamlessly collect and manage all your ESG data, use our simple report editor tools, and present your impressive ESG performance to the public. Show your dedication to sustainability and captivate stakeholders with clear and effective disclosures that align with international reporting standards.


Boost your business with Carbon-Neutral labels.

Elevate your business with verified Carbon-Neutral labels by renowned auditors like BSI, TUV, and more. Our platform streamlines verification, saving time and resources. Obtain your carbon-neutral label swiftly, showcasing sustainability commitment with ease. Elevate your brand effortlessly while enjoying a seamless experience.

Our Official Partnership with Globally Recognized Greenhouse Gas Certificates and Carbon Labels


Elevate Your Sustainability Efforts: Opt for Our Carbon Neutral Labels

Streamlined Verification Process

TT GREEN partnered with reputable third-party verifiers such as BSI, TUV, and others, our platform simplifies and expedites the verification process in obtaining a carbon neutral label by saving time and resources while ensuring a smooth and efficient path.

Comprehensive Data Collection

TT GREEN offers companies a comprehensive platform for carbon capture. Companies can efficiently gather accurate and reliable data on their carbon footprint, allowing for a thorough analysis of their environmental impact. This comprehensive approach ensures that companies have a robust foundation for achieving carbon neutrality.

Carbon Credit Purchase and Offset Service

TT GREEN is the official trader in various recognized Carbon Marketplaces globally where not every platform does. This last-mile service allows companies to take concrete actions toward carbon neutrality by investing in projects that reduce or remove carbon emissions. By providing seamless integration between carbon credit procurement and offsetting, we simplify the process for companies, ensuring a complete and holistic carbon-neutral solution. 

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Clearing the Fog: Answers to Common Inquiries

TT GREEN® offers a comprehensive platform for you to record and analyze emission data that can be used to help meet the requirements for different carbon neutral labels on carbon footprint calculations. In the last step, TT GREEN®’s carbon credit trading platform facilitates the offset of unavoidable emissions to reach carbon neutral.

To obtain a carbon-neutral label, it is important to check with the certification body to ensure that you meet their specific requirements. Generally, the process can take several weeks to several months to complete, depending on the certification body and the complexity of your organization and application.

TT GREEN® minimizes human error by automating data collection with integrations of IoT and other software systems, while data validation is performed on the platform with OCR and AI technologies. Data will be stored on blockchain–based infrastructure, ensuring its traceability, immutability, and credibility.

You can switch to our platform for recording emission data. You can upload your emission data to the TT GREEN® platform in bulk after mapping it to our data schema. This ensures your past records are preserved and you can easily analyze and manage your emissions data going forward.

Setting up emission data can be a complex task, but it becomes more manageable on TT GREEN® with the availability of pre-defined templates for different industries. These templates serve as valuable resources that provide guidance and structure in collecting and organizing emission data. The templates act as starting points, providing a structured framework that organizations can customize to fit their specific operations and data requirements.