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Access to global carbon project now!

Don’t know how to offset enterprise’s unavoidable carbon footprints?TT GREEN Is here for you! You can now access international carbon credit projects through TT GREEN®Platform, we source projects from global marketplaces such as CORE Climate & Climate Impact X, etc. 100+ carbon credit projects are here for you to offset carbon footprints. Learn more about carbon credit…

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Sharing session with HK3C members at HKSTP

We are delighted to hold a sharing session with members from HK3C today at HKSTP. Our CEO, Kevin Ng shared on the topic “How participating in carbon neutrality and carbon credit trade can improve toy companies’ competitiveness”, explained how our carbon management and reporting tool TT GREEN can help manufacturers to understand their carbon footprint, conduct analysis and reports…

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TT GREEN® explores partnership with HKEX to support HK companies in achieving Net Zero

Launched in August, TT GREEN® powered by InnoBlock is the first blockchain-based ESG data platform on AWS to support companies in Carbon management, sustainability goal settings, data input automation and ESG Reporting. The platform also supports WWF-Hong Kong's two environmental programmes - LOOPPLUS and LCMP to reduce the carbon emissions and partnered with BEA on Green Finance assessment process.

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AWS News: InnoBlock Technology Builds Hong Kong’s First ESG Data Platform on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, today announced that blockchain specialist InnoBlock Technology (InnoBlock) has built TT GREEN®, Hong Kong’s first environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data platform, on AWS. The platform automatically tracks and reports standardized ESG data across resource consumption, carbon emissions, and human capital management using APIs and sensors deployed throughout an organization’s information technology (IT) infrastructure

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明報:港初創伙WWF推ESG數據平台 助企業減碳排

ESG(環境、社會和企業管治)近年備受關注,香港區塊鏈初創「創新鏈科技」今天宣布,利用Amazon Web Services(AWS)的技術和平台,建構一個ESG數據平台「TT GREEN®」。世界自然基金會香港分會(WWF)亦會為TT GREEN®提供行業指導及建議,使平台能協助企業根據國際公認的標準,收集和報告減排資訊,幫助企業將節能減排納入日常商業運作中。

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