Beef industry

In order to ensure our certified beef products are sourced ethically and sustainably, TT Chain has partnered with TrustBIX, an organization that provides chain of custody to support the supply of 100% traceable beef in Canada. Its renowned system is also known for curating the Beef InfoXchange system for McDonald’s first verified sustainable beef pilot program in Canada. With the collaboration between the two companies, this will ensure our certified products will be represented fairly to consumers.

TT Chain in the Food Industry – Beef in conjunction with TrustBIX

1. Farmer and Vet:
Record the details of the cow, (date of birth, origin, dietary plan, Quality assurance certification of the farmer and overall health of the cow). Cow is tagged with RFID chip to prove that it is free range.
2. Abattoir and packaging:

The cow will then be packaged accordingly and a new code will be added to the product.

3. Distributer:

The distributer will then use the appropriate transportation to ship its products.

4. Retailer:

The retailer will add additional information such as recipes and wine suggestions. 

5. Store:

Has full transparency on the delivery time and able to adapt accordingly. Can alter promotions and orders.

6. Consumer:

Consumers can simply scan a QR code attached on the packaging on the beef product. From there, the consumer can then understand the origin, overall health of the cow and many more in order empower informed decision making for consumers.