BD8, A HK-based Plastic Recycling Company

BD8 is a young and talented group and engineers with groundbreaking ideas and solutions to recycle plastic. They provide smart solutions for companies of all sizes and pride themselves on their unparalleled, dedicated service. The plastic recycled products include but are not limited to fashionable products (e.g. lenses and glasses), packaging products, and personal protective products (e.g. masks). 

Achieving Carbon Neutral on TT Green

With the help of TT Green’s ESG ecosystem, DB8 seamlessly completed the whole journey of obtaining carbon-neutral labels on one single platform, TT Green. First, BD8 defines its boundaries (Scope 1,2,3) on TT Green and calculates the carbon emission with TT Green’s Global Carbon Footprint Calculator. After that, TT Green purchased suitable carbon credits for BD8 and offset their unavoidable carbon emission. The Carbon Neutral Label Certifier, who is also an official partner of TT Green, then leverages the trusted ESG data on TT Green to go through the assessment procedures and issue the Carbon Neutral Label to BD8.