Applying TT Chain in apparel industry

Our system will ensure all our approved products are sustainable and ethically sourced through some form of proof (such as a video of sheering the cashmere goat). With high traceability provided by TT Chain’s blockchain technology, this will ensure validation and certification of the product to the consumers.

TT Chain in the Apparel Industry – Mongolian Cashmere

1. Farmer:

Inputs data including the origin, and video of shearing. This counts as a new ‘lot’ added to the system and verification code is produced.

2. Inspector:

Use farmers code to verify information and the update wool lot in the system to add certification. Unique ID is generated and attached to the shipment.

3. Yarn manufacturers:

Use the ID to retrieve and verify lot details. After processing and the addition of any further needed data, the system will generate a new ID to be applied to the resulting packages.

4. Garment manufacturer:

Receiver scans the ID to retrieve and verify package details and then updates the system to reflect of the package has arrived as expected. When completed, the system creates a new ID to be applied to the resulting products.