Social Enterprise: Tea Bags

As a social enterprise, Demeter has been working with Cambodia local schools to promote “School Herbal Garden Programme”. Follow the fair-trade principle to support the local schools and the students, it seeks to move towards a secure income, self-sufficiency and ownership. Demeter uses TT Chain’s platform to record and authenticate every raw-materials are from the community – the farms, the schools and productions.
The program aims to achieve 3 goals:
  • Provide environmental education opportunities (Clean & Green the School)
  • Provide learning opportunities about cultural knowledge (Traditional Herbal Medicine)
  • Support school operation (Supplemental income by growing herbal plants)

    With TT Chain’s platform the final consumer would be able to trace all the production stages and knowing who they are really helping when they made a purchase, where they are taking a part in this wonderful programme with about 4,000 Cambodian partners and students.