Hong Kong’s First Food Waste Recycle And Aquaponics System In Smart Farming

Recycle of wastes and food traceability are the hottest topics in recent years. Smart Farming has contributed to the above global concerns by building the first Green + Smart Farming Ecosystem in Hong Kong by adopting TT-Chain’s technology.

Food Waste recycle to fish feed

Research shows that 3,500 tonnes of food waste is disposed in Hong Kong landfill every day. To mitigate the situation, Smarting Farming has developed a technology that could turn food waste into fish feed and supply to their local farms. The recycled fish feeds contain 5 times more nutrient than the traditional fish feed and cause less pollution to the water.

Accredited Fish Farm Scheme

With the help of IoT devices and TT-Chain platform, the operation data of the Fish Farm are auto-collected and stored on immutable blockchain system with full transparency to related parties. Sensors and cameras are used to ensure the water quality and underwater environment is up to the Accredited Fish Farm standard. Other data like fish feed quality, fish origins, age etc. will also be visible to end buyers.
1. Food waste
2. Recycle Process
3. Fish Feed
4. Feed fish in Smart Farming
5. Real-time tank data collected
6. Fish selling with QR code